Cyprus Companies
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Cyprus is one of the 28 members of the European Union. It is situated in the 3rd largest island of the Mediteranean Sea.

Cyprus has the 28th GDP per capital in the world and has one of the most developed services industry in Europe.

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Our Services in Cyprus

Our offices in Nicosia and Limassol provide the following services in Cyprus:

Packages for corporate services

We have created the following company packages that suit the needs of our customers,while there are other available structures upon request.

BASIC – this package is the basic Cyprus structure, which can be used mostly as a holding company or a shelf company for later use, but will require most probably further services when the company will be used in business; Details of Cyprus Company Basic

GOLD – this package is suitable to a holding company which can be used in a averiety of structures, mostly outside of the EU but also in certain EU countries for certain activities. Details of Cyprus Company Gold

PREMIUM – this is the complete package, this Cyprus company being able to operate both within and outside of the EU, while the shareholders enjoy the full benefits of the double tax treaties signed by Cyprus. Details of Cyprus Company Premium

Schedule of charges

We have created a very competitive Schedule of Charges, including a special package available to Qualified Professional from other countries.

We will be pleased to send you our Schedule of Charges, when you contact us from the contact page. We will also be very happy to discuss various forms of co-operation with professionals in many countries.

Taxation in Cyprus

Cyprus has the following tax advantages:

  • Profit tax – 12.5% , the lowest in Europe;
  • VAT rate – 19%, one of the lowest standard VAT rate in Europe;
  • Dividend tax  – exempted when paid to non-residents;
  • Profits from the sale of securities – exempted;
  • Withholding tax – 0% on dividends, royalties, interest
  • Losses can be carried forward indefinitely;
  • More than 40 double tax treaties. Check them here.

Trade mark and patent registration in Cyprus

We register trademarks and patents, having an extensive experience in overall management of the intellektual property.

For the royalties most of the countries have different very attractive incentives for royalty payments: lower or zero withholding tax, combined with the 2 % tax in Cyprus, which makes the Cyprus Royalty Company one of the most attractive ones in the world.