Bank accounts

It is important first to understand that fiscal facilities of Cyprus were still are valid and should not be confused with the situation of some banks from Cyprus.

Our company is authorised introducer with many banks, from Cyprus and outside Cyprus, from EU and outside EU.

This offers you the possibility not to travel to the bank’s country in order to open your bank account.

Due to the Cyprus precedent with Bank of Cyprus “haircut” we recommend to use Cyprus or other European Union banks at any givven moment for not more than a EUR 100.000 transit. From Cyprus banks we work with: Eurobank EFG, Hellenik Bank, Privatbank, FBME Cyprus, Bank of Cyprus.

Some banks, such as Eurobank EFG, have an interesting service, making it possible to keep the free money in a special account opened in the Swiss bank accounts and these are not included under the jurisdiction of Cyprus and there is no minimum amount required to open an account. This is usually a free service that gives all the guarantees of Swiss banks.

The main deposits should be with banks outside European Union.

In case that you have a minimum amount of EUR 500.000 to have deposited in any given moment, we can introduce you to Monaco, Switzerland & Luxembourg banks. Mainly we work with Credit Suisse (Monaco). 

Up to EUR 500.000 there are other banks which we can recommend to you, such as Loyal Bank – St. Vincent with representative office in Hungary, CIM Bank, FBME – Tanzania, Baltikums – Latvia, Atlas Bank – Montenegro.

Loyal bank is recommended for those who need more credit cards connected to the same account. We can have the bank account number for you in this bank within the same day.

FBME Tanzania has “mirror accounts” with FBME Cyprus, allowing at no cost transfers from one account & country to another. 

Please contact us on or by phone on + 357 991 964 11 to get help in opening a bank account in any of the desired banks, having in mind the banks for which we found out the procedure to be faster and without the need to travel.