Creative Corporate Solutions

FIDUCIARA is a full-service one-stop-shop for all your tax planning and corporate services in Cyprus and in another 15 jurisdictions. There are important advantages of Cyprus as offshore company jurisdiction and there are other favorable fiscal jurisdictions, which we use when identifing creative solutions on tax structures.

FIDUCIARA is owned and managed by lawyers, but enjoying close support from fellow tax advisors and auditors. We are focused on providing our customers with creative solutions to their needs.

Our services include:

  • International tax planning;
  • Company registration in Cyprus and 12 other jurisdictions;
  • Company management in Cyprus and 12 other jurisdictions;
  • Full nominee services in more than 10 jurisdictions;International trusts in Cyprus;
  • Accounting and audit services for the companies we register and manage;
  • Shipping and ship management;
  • Registration of the Royalty Company in Cyprus;
  • Trade mark registration and management;
  • Bank account opening and operation;
  • Merchant account opening and operation (payment processing accounts for the online businesses);
  • Trust services and property management.
  • Opening of the forex investment accounts.